Special and Out-of-Print Books
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Welcome to Remarkable Books

Thanks for stopping by! If you're looking for unusual books, you've come to the right place.

We specialize in unearthing original gems of information that for one reason or another have become buried treasures between the covers of old books.

Most of our books have two things in common – they contain unique or vital information that has all but disappeared, and they are hard to find. These information gold-mines have either been out of print a long, long time, or have never been available as we present them. Most are all but impossible to find, or are not available through any other source.

Sometimes you'll find a rare piece of truth that is available elsewhere, but the original copy is awkwardly presented or hard to read. If that is the case, we reproduce the books intact, as close to the original as possible.

At other times, we have gathered together original information of value and put it back together for modern readers to rediscover and enjoy.

But all of the time we aim to fill our Remarkable Book shelves with ideas for wholesome living – whether it be food or other preparations, or cooking with natural foods and ingredients, or how-to instructions for just about anything once widely-known since the 19th century, you'll find it here. Are you looking for old tried and true herbal knowledge from authentic original sources? How about unusual and entertaining modern recipe books? Do you yearn for a return to understanding historic truths as they were originally presented? Do you enjoy perusing through thought-provoking biblical study materials? Or do you and your children simply want to enjoy clean imaginative fiction from yesteryear?

All the books you will find here are not only wholesome, but in our estimation, are nothing short of Remarkable; some are even extraordinary. So relax, enjoy poking around our bookshelves – and thanks again for stopping by.